We are delighted to present our partners for Catalyst 18. Our visionary and collaborator partners help our customers to deliver the innovative solutions needed to digitally transform their businesses.  

All our partners will be holding sessions as part of the Catalyst Agenda to share their experiences of implementing Bizagi in a variety of customer scenarios, to help you understand the most successful methodologies for building agile process automation solutions in Bizagi.  You will also find them at their designated stands in the networking area where they will be more than happy to answer your questions and discuss the latest innovations across Bizagi’s digital business platform.  



A global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, Infosys helps businesses to navigate their digital transformation and deploy the latest technology such as blockchain, data analytics and AI.  

Infosys has helped to deploy process solutions for Bizagi customers, including Adidas and SC Johnson, creating enterprise-wide digital capabilities and delivering unprecedented levels of business performance and customer delight.  

We are honoured to have Infosys as a visionary partner for Catalyst 18. They will be sharing their insights on how to drive digital transformation, enhance customer experience and leverage artificial intelligence, security analytics and machine learning to build and protect your business.



Innovelocity is the leading US implementation partner for Bizagi, with a 10-year track record helping customers to achieve outstanding results with BPM, case management and digital transformation.

Innovelocity has helped to deliver powerful and adaptable business process applications for Bizagi customers, including a leading insurance underwriter, specialist neurological rehabilitator Mentis Neuro, and energy material manufacturer JSR Micro.

As a collaborator partner for Catalyst 18, Innovelocity will be sharing information on how to deploy adaptable process applications tailored to accelerate digital transformation. Innovelocity offers proven expertise in all aspects of project implementation – from architecture and project management through to implementation, training and integration.


Lateetud is a global award-winning process automation company that provides software and implementation for RPA and BPM, fuelled with cognitive capabilities such as natural language processing and machine learning.  

Recognized by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Lateetud are leading the charge for end-to-end management of complex business processes, helping businesses with organization control, enterprise information management and collaboration and integration.  

As a collaborator partner for Catalyst 18, Lateetud will be sharing a wealth of knowledge on digital transformation, including how to model complex processes and create applications to connect people and systems in a matter of minutes without any coding or programming.  


Nividous is a global software development and consulting company, specializing in delivering digital automation (DPA) solutions that require deep technology knowledge, process proficiency and domain expertise.

Last year saw the launch of the Nividous RPA kit, which is being widely used to complement digital process automation initiatives. The solution integrates with traditional IT solutions providing greater operational speed and flexibility.

As a collaborator partner for Catalyst 18, Nividious will be showcasing their industry solutions and demonstrating how to create the maximum business value for your enterprise by helping you to adopt new technology and implement efficient business process automation and RPA initiatives.